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Coconutz Tanning Salon, Morehead City, NC 

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Also good for Vacations, Home Spa Parties, Weddings, Photo Shoots, or just because!

Coconutz will have you looking your best when you step on stage at your next fitness contest or have your next photo shoot.  

252-808-0383 or text 252-725-7164

Regular Airbrush:

Salon Price: $35/person

Travel Price $50/person

Competition Sprays: 

ProTan Certified Salon/ProTan Trained


Travel Comp Spray $125 (Cheaper with groups)

 Touch Up Kits $25

Airbrush Wedding Party:

1-4 $30/person

5-8 $25/person

9 plus $20/person 

Complimentary airbrush for the bride with a wedding party of 4 or more!

Competition Spray Tanning Tips:

Q: When should I schedule my competition spray tan appointment?

A: We recommend reserving time for your airbrush tan as soon as possible, in order to ensure that we can accommodate you with the specific dates and times that you need.

How many coats do I need and how far in advance of the show do I start getting sprayed?

A: As a general rule, each competitor will need 2 to 3 coats to achieve the appropriate stage color. However, the number of coats needed varies from competitor to competitor because each persons skin is different and will react differently with the tanning solution. Additionally, not all spray tanners use the same competition tanning solution so the number of coats can also vary from company to company.

*For maximum results, spend the week prior to your show exfoliating and moisturizing your body.


*The better condition your skin is in, the better the product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look, and you will have a more even fade after your competition.

* It is suggested that you have shaved at least 8 hours before your spray tan.  We do not recommend body waxing, as we have experienced more issues with sensitive skin, poorly given body waxes, wax residue, and severe skin irritations post body waxing which effects your competition spray tan.

* DO NOT put on any make-up, deodorant, perfume/cologne Before or After your spray tan application. Ladies will be able to apply make up on show day.

* Come to us with clean, dry skin wearing dark, loose fitting clothing and flip-flops.

* An over sized shirt and over sized pants made of stretchy fabrics are best because they glide over your skin and won't disrupt the development of the bronzer. Avoid stiff fabrics!! Jammies and lounging pants, and tops that “easily” pull OVER your head are best.  Avoid Zippers, snaps and buttons!  Do Not Wear Jeans! 

* If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back to keep hair off your shoulders and neck. We will provide a cap for you to wear. 

* You will feel slightly sticky for about an hour until completely dry. 

* After your color has been applied, please plan to sleep in your loose, over sized clothing until the morning. This will eliminate any inadvertent hand marks on your body during sleep. Do NOT sleep in the NUDE.